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Samantha Harris

Yoga / Body Art

a little bit about me

An agent for Positive Vibes, Samantha is an exclusive 5 Star ELI Instructor, Yoga Studio Manager, Life Power YTT Facilitator, and GF Facilitator for one of the most prestigious fitness brands- Life Time Fitness. Teaching for 20 years, she has over 20 certifications in Yoga, Cycle, Aqua, and many other fitness formats.

Samantha has become a role model to many people. As a legacy ambassador for Lululemon, and a United We Om teacher- she helps bring the gift of yoga to underprivileged communities through volunteer work. Being a cancer survivor herself, she has done projects in the Ronald McDonald House and continues to work with that community. After winning her battle, she has come to realize she can achieve anything she puts her mind to, a quality that is not only inspiring but uplifting to be around as well.

Words She Lives By: “Stay Humble, Work Hard, Be Kind”

Reasons she loves what she does: She believes that movement in all forms is meditative. It brings a person back home to their heart and gives them the ability to be fully present

A Goal that Lights her up: One of her main focuses is to make a change in the world through love, honesty, and vulnerability. That change starts from within. As she shines her own light, she tries to lead by example and impact those around her, hoping they carry that impact and pass it along as well.

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