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Jessica Thurman

Co-Owner Barrier Island CrossFit, Level 2 Coach

a little bit about me

Coach Jessica Thurman found CrossFit in January 2011. After struggling with her weight her entire life, Jess wanted to find a workout she would enjoy doing and see the results she wanted. Jess learned about the sport, sought out local CrossFit gym, and signed up!   As so many others, Jess Immediately became addicted to the exciting, competitive yet friendly atmosphere. As an athlete throughout her life, the slightly competitive edge of CrossFit would keep her focused on her goals. More importantly than the competition, she loved the community in CrossFit. Friends she made working out quickly became family. CrossFit changed Jess’s life, including   weight loss and a new outlook on health and wellness.  With this tribe of positivity and likeminded people, Jess felt as if she was a part of something special. Jess is now a Level 2 Certified Coach, enabling her to lead others through their fitness journey. As the Co-Owner of Barrier Island CrossFit in Long Beach NY, you can find Jess cheering on her crew and sharing her passion for this sport.

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