Babes in Business


As a Lifestyle and Networking Expert, Jenn Fasano is master connector.
Admitted serial shopper, born and raised Long Island Girl, and authentic entrepreneur, Jenn is addicted to helping others find their purpose in life and business.

Jenn spent 20+ years working 60 hours a week in a Corporate career, traveling the country, overworked underpaid and unfulfilled. After starting her family she quickly realized she was made for more.

She took her talents and desire for a grander life and started building NETWORKS… Networks of women, networks of mommas and networks of people who had the same hopes, dreams and passions that she did.

For almost a decade Jenn has connected people, inspired and motivated others to become the best versions of themselves, and created multiple businesses that allow me to continue to grow and use her passions.

Join Jenn at Fit Fest

For a BADASS BRANDING FOR SOCIAL MEDIA workshop where she will:

Give tips and strategies to build your social media following
Provide helpful tools to create solid brand awareness
Teach you how to build relationships on social media and how to carry those relationships off of social media

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