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Gayle Sanders-Hoeffner

Fitness Professional

a little bit about me

Gayle Sanders-Hoeffner has been a professional is the fitness industry for 20 years.  Gayle loves what she does and fitness is her passion inspiring others by leading the way.  With her high energy and approachable demeanor, she emphasizes listening to your body. She is a certified Personal Trainer, certified Group Fitness Instructor, certified Pilates Instructor, certified Barre Instructor, certified Kettlebell Instructor  She is a big barefoot training advocate emphasizing everything comes from your feet. “Our bodies get stronger through experiential learning.  By creating synergistic movements…..we get to tell our bodies what to do, rather than our bodies telling us.  With texting, computer work, pregnancy, heavy briefcases, bags, backpacks, our society completely tight, with poor posture, imbalanced, rounded and in pain.  Pilates help us learn neutral, create better symmetry and recruit proper muscle engagement”

“Success is created on what we can do correctly, rather than going through the motions.”

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