Deena is a professionally trained dancer who teaches dance and fitness throughout New York and northern New Jersey. Deena strongly believes that wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit…

She is currently teaching Barre, which is a high intensity low impact fitness class designed to strengthen and tone, as well as dance fitness cardio classes. As a certified Yoga and Mat Pilates instructor she continues to guide & create DAILY workout plans designed to elevate and push her clients towards their personal health goals.

She is bringing @305fitness to NY FIT FEST!!
Turn your workout into a party! 305 is a high-intensity dance cardio workout unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Shake it out to world-class DJ mixes with NYC studio instructor Deena @seedeenadaily, in this full-body workout. You’ll never watch the clock! Combining HIIT, plyometrics, and dance cardio, this workout will serve you everything you need and make you feel amazing. 🎉

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