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Coach Corey Berger, Founder and CEO of By Design Functional Elite Wellness, is a National Federation  of Professional Trainers certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with over 12 years of coaching  experience, focusing on athletic performance.

Athleticism has always been a big part of Corey’s life. His drive and determination throughout his  childhood led him to become a Division 1 Track athlete and record holder at the University of Hartford.

Although his time as a collegiate athlete was cut short due to an injury, Corey continued searching for  something to keep him moving. Corey decided to try out CrossFit and quickly progressed in the sport,  becoming a two time CrossFit Games competitor and CF-L1 Trainer. Soon after, Corey added Ironman to  his list of athletic accomplishments.

With 9 years of pharmaceutical experience in Endocrinology and Gastroenterology, Corey became acutely  aware of the role Nutrition plays in an athlete’s performance. Corey has developed extensive knowledge  of performance training, nutrition and mindset conditioning and has made it his mission to help others in  their journey of this lifestyle upgrade. Currently, Corey is working toward his double board certification  in Functional Nutrition (candidate spring 2022).

As an expert in the field, Corey recently took on the role of Athlete Manager for TYR Sport, Inc. In his free time, Corey enjoys spending time with his family, Ironman Training, cycling, participating is  various charities and creating unique margarita recipes!

Name of Class: Dust Yourself Off and Try Again: Overcoming Injury as an Elite Athlete

Topics Covered: When athletes train at a competitive level, injury is common. Knowing what to  do when injury strikes is an important part of being a competitive athlete. In this class, Coach  Corey will cover everything from common misconceptions about competitive athlete training to  how to overcome a serious injury as a competitive athlete.

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