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Anthony Badalamenti

Weight loss coach and trainer


a little bit about me

Weight loss coach and trainer, Anthony Badalamenti, has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds. His passion for fitness started when he was young, hearing his dad talk about his former work out partner and best friend Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk. His father a competitive body-builder, crowned “Mr. Brooklyn”, ignited a life-long passion for Anthony. At 18, he won the NPC Overall Teenage National Body Building Championship as a light weight competitor, the first-ever in show history.

His gym, open for 7 years on Long Island’s North Shore set the stage for his next feat – a 186- pound weight loss and win for a client competing on the hit show, The Biggest Loser. The ability to change someone’s life on that level propelled him to start Innoeba Wellness – a program specializing in 50+ pound weight loss programs. The program includes coaching, meal preparation, habit replacement and personal training.

His background in fitness, competition and successful weight loss, provides clients a safe and comfortable space to dig deep, beyond all the layers, and lose weight. His own rigorous training style pushes him outside of his comfort zone, because for him, that is where true self- discovery happens. He encourages clients to find the same mindset so they can reach their maximum potential.

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