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Jennifer Wilkinson

Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified BodyArt Instructor


a little bit about me

I created Conscious Contact Healing Arts™ workshops and retreats with the goal of bringing people together for sacred healing through movement, meditation, creative inquiry and sharing in various safe and beautiful spaces.  The primary purpose of my practice is to give people a forum to get to know themselves more deeply and connect with others more intimately. I have experienced profound healing and joy through my own conscious connection with Source Energy and others, by dedicating myself to various healing practices and trainings over the past two decades.

Conscious Contact for me means just that – Living consciously… being awake and living with deliberate intention.  With that as my starting point, I had to consider the various ways and vehicles of actually sustaining that sacred connection.

The true Conscious Contact began for me more than 20 years ago with awakenings of many sorts on MANY levels (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). It was the year 1994 and after needing to make some deliberate (and drastic) changes in my life, I was led to Kripalu Center in Stockbridge Massachusetts. While there, I (literally) found myself on the dance floor with Toni Bergens. It was my first JourneyDance™ class (at that time called Yoga Dance or Dance Kinetics) and that day, I found an opening to a sacred place inside of me right there on the dance floor!  I laughed and cried and found something I thought I had left behind in my childhood.

That began a mentorship and friendship with Toni Bergens that I treasure deeply to this day.  I went on to complete all three levels of JourneyDance teacher training and became a certified facilitator. Since that time, I have hosted numerous workshops and retreats including a week-long guest teacher spot at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, a facilitator at the Barefoot Boogie in NYC, and hosting the first Conscious Contact Healing Arts ASL Retreat at Heathen Hill Retreat House in upstate New York.

Other modalities that have spoken to me and nurtured me over the years were dancing (including jazz, tap, modern and ballet), mixed martial arts, kickboxing, yoga and spiritual practices such as meditation, healing arts such as Thai and Ayurvedic massage, as well as study of the chakras, energy and healing touch through Reiki training in Colorado (in ASL).  I have been profoundly intrigued and moved by the how energy (physical, mental, spiritual AND emotional) in our bodies is measurable ~ and can remain stagnant due to lack of mobility .
With that in mind, I found that my well-being necessitated a holistic approach to life, in order to address my spiritual condition, my physical body, my emotional body and my subtle energy body as well.

I went on to explore and become certified in bodyART™ based on the principles of Yin and Yang polarity  and the five elements. It is a profoundly beautiful and powerful practice that brings incredible strength and balance – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Ultimately, I knew that I needed to receive my yoga teacher certification from one of my first yoga teachers nearly 20 years earlier, Patty Morris. Although I had experienced many other forms of yoga including Iyengar, Bikram and Forrest yoga, her deep well of knowledge and experience under the direct tutelage Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, made her the only choice for me.  I attended her wonderful summer intensive teacher training program and upon my graduation, was given the great honor of receiving my yogi name, ‘Shakti’.  Shakti is the Hindu Goddess of Divine Feminine Energy and Power … and I try gracefully and with great reverence to embody her spirit in my practice, my teachings and how I walk in this world.

Having had my training in the physical modalities, I wanted to pass along the power of healing energy and went on to receive my Reiki Master Training Certification with VIP Holistic Services under the brilliant tutelage of Ashley Koe and ML Ruiz-Williams in Denver, Colorado. To add another level of depth and beauty to the experience, the whole weekend was conducted in ASL (American Sign Language), making my current practice available to both Deaf and hearing folks alike.

We each have a gift and an intuitive knowing place, but many of us forget where that ‘voice’ resides and how to get back there… and even how to listen.  I have been incredibly fortunate to receive the teachings and true blessings of many incredible professors, teachers, mentors and friends; and they have ushered me back to that sacred place of listening and hearing and Knowing with my heart. This is what I believe conscious contact truly is … connecting with what we know to be True and living that Truth in daily life.  I recognize each person as my teacher and I am deeply grateful to those who have guided me on this incredible journey and to those whom I am yet to cross paths with. I look forward to that day that I meet You. Whoever YOU are.

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Registered Yoga Teacher, Specializing in Principle-Based Partner Yoga™
Founder of Conscious Contact Healing Arts™
Creator of Yoga Infusion™
JourneyDance Facilitator
Certified BodyArt Instructor
Services in English and ASL